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short, 8:43min, HD, 1:1.78 (16:9)


in co-production with SWR, ARTE television channels

broadcastet on ARTE

Rana, a thirty five year old Turkish woman spends holidays in Germany with her husband for the first time. Along the way, she finds a confident and ally in the hotel driver, Karl, who agrees to take her along to the closest lake around. Both of them experience an unexpected closeness during the course of night. Coming from antagonistic backgrounds, they share a desillusion than only them can understand.

actors: Mandala Tayde, Ercan Özcelik, Axel Strothmann

director and script: Deniz Sözbir

producer: Laura von Portatius, Stéphanie Alexe
cinematographer: Tilman Holzhauer
submarine camera: Andres Lizana Prado
editor: Melanie Sorge
music: "Longing" Özgür Akgül

set designer: Florian Máthé
costume designer: Rudi Scharff
make-up artist: Kadir Güleryüz
composition and arangement: Özgür Akgül
sound design and mix: Stephan Radom
sound: Stephan Bruns
1. camera assistant: Thomas Spitschka
2. camera assistant: Nathanael Bessonvigo
gaffer: Malte Pölmann
electricians: Jonas Hörning, Florian Peters
electrician assistent: Jaqueline Hirscher

production management: Laura von Portatius
assistent director: Christina Keilmann set manager: Lea Gamula, Jochen Gottlöber
set assistant/catering: Elizabeth Kormanova
set assistant: Clara Fürstenberg
set assistant/clapper loader: Friedeman Leis
SFX: Tomek Winczeweski
costume assistant: Kadir Güleryüz
production counselor: Maars von Haaften
set photographer: Stephan Bögel
color grading: Tilman Holzhauer, Nicu Mihailescu
set photographer: Irene Moray, Stephan Bögel
titel design/sound assistant: Deniz Zagli
dumb actor: Dawit Kaluwapa

Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris: Peter Sehr, Thomas Schadt, Mare Nicolas, Christine Ghazarian
coordination: Anne Christine Knoth
script counselor: Amelie Syberberg
editing counselor: Renate Merek
line producer: Cosima Lange
producer/editorial staff: Brigitte Dithard (SWR), Nadja Dumouchel (ARTE)

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