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During my work on SPACER COLONIES and OUTSKIRTS, I got fascinated by the relationship and evolution between input patterns/textures and the AI-imagined output. All works combine different techniques to explore that relationship, but it is essencially letting a GAN (AI) imagine over various input patterns/textures. In some works, visualisations of that relationship are integrated in the piece itself.


SPACER COLONIES is the result of my work with an artificial intelligence, VQGAN+CLIP, in creating digital visuals/paintings of futuristic cyberpunk societies and their inhabitants, the SPACERS.


music visualizer made in Blender 2.83. Controlled with a Novation LaunchControl XL, the QLC+ freeware to send OSC data (system sound and LaunchControl) to Blender (using the AddRoutes addon).


I challenged myself to design, model, rig and animate a CGI character in Blender. I'm pretty sure, I was inspired by the character Stitch (from "Lilo and Stitch").