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In some way or the other, I was always interested in image creation, started with photography and 3D as a hobby

and eventually studied cinematography to end up working in Berlin as a cinematographer and digital colorist. Since I'm also fascinated by tech in general I'm constantly looking for

new ways to create images, colors, styles.

So I came upon GANs, image creation with AI and started experimenting. This series is the result of my work with VQGAN+CLIP.

The main idea of LABORGANTORIUM is to have a space for free experimentation. During my work on SPACER COLONIES and OUTSKIRTS, I got fascinated by the relationship and evolution between input patterns/textures and the AI-imagined output. All works combine different techniques to explore that relationship, but it is essencially letting a gan imagine over various input patterns/textures. In some works, visualisations of that relationship are integrated in the piece itself.

all used photos and photo databases used are my own or royalty free.

NTFs hic et nunc:

NFTs foundation (soon):

on twitter.

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