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In some way or the other, I was always interested in image creation, started with photography and 3D as a hobby

and eventually studied cinematography to end up working in Berlin as a cinematographer and digital colorist. Since I'm also fascinated by tech in general I'm constantly looking for

new ways to create images, colors, styles.

So I came upon GANs, image creation with AI and started experimenting. This series is the result of my work with VQGAN+CLIP.

Exploring I discovered something that looked like little pieces of a strange, faraway civilization, making me think of the Spacer Worlds, the first human settlements in space in Asimov's Foundation and Robot series. The images look digital, like old computer games while at the same time having this quality of a painting, to be sufficiently abstract to spark the imagination. I got sucked in and, adjusting, iterating, changing, I created this series that I call SPACER COLONIES. It plays whith the idea of futuristic cyberpunk societies that emerge on new planets and their inhabitants, the SPACERS. I's an ongoing series and the shown images are just an excerpt. Actually I would be thrilled to get in contact with other people that would like to colaborate in any way that adds to this strange universe, be it short stories, soundscapes, drawings, 3D art, generative art or animations.

all used photos and photo databases used are my own or royalty free.

NTFs hic et nunc:

NFTs foundation (soon):

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