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HOLY ZOO - News from the Old City

documentary, 60min, HD, 1:1.78 (16:9)


in co-production with SWR television channel and funded by the regional film fund MFG Baden-Württemberg

broadcastet on SWR television channel

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
Other Isreal Film Festival New York
Jewish Film Festival Jerusalem
Delhi International Film Festival

"HOLY ZOO" tells stories about people and animals in the Biblical Zoo of Jerusalem, how workers and visitors overcome walls and borders in their daily life and how they get together in the Zoo as well as in the divided city. The film follows four workers of the "graseater" section in their professional and private everyday life, documenting the small gestures that lead to the big togetherness. It draws a fabulous portrait of the city Jerusalem where dreams and utopias have their established place.

script / idea: Katharina Waisburd, Denise Neustadt
director: Katharina Waisburd
cinematography: Tilman Holzhauer
sound: Adriana Espinal, Simon Peter
music: Jasmin Reuter
editor: Ina Tangermann
animation: Institut for Animation, Visual Effects and digitale Postproduktion
producer animation: Moritz Mugler
2D animation artist: Maïté Schmitt
compositing artist: Michael Lange
color grading: Tilman Holzhauer
translation: Maor Waisburd
photography: Katharina Waisburd, Tilman Holzhauer
producer: Anna Martensen, TM Film
consulting producer: Vadim Jendreyko, TM Film
student producer: Denise Neustadt
consulting docent: Thomas Riedelsheimer
editorial department SWR: Dr. Gudrin Hanke-El Ghomri

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