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documentary, 44min, HD, 1:1.78 (16:9)

in co-production with SWR television channel

broadcastet on 3Sat television channel

ONE WORLD International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Prague

"The right to a fair education" is the motto of the heroes of this documentary about the student riots in Chile, which in recent years were covered by the world media. The film traces the events in 2012, when massive protests against the privatisation of education (as well as the old authoritarian structures) began to temporarily decline. Thousands of young people no longer demonstrated in the streets, nobody held hunger strikes, and no schools and universities were occupied … except one. As told in this student film by German director Felix Schwarz, this is the story of a group of teenagers who refused to give up and leave their school despite the threat of clashes with riot police, who are just behind the fence.

director / script: Felix Schwarz
producer: Felix Schwarz, Martin Backhaus
editor: Oliver Don
cinematographer: Tilman Holzhauer
color grading: Tilman Holzhauer

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